SpaceWire Router ASIC

Steve Parkes, Chris McClements, Gerald Kempf, Stephan Fischer, Pierre Fabry, Agustin Leon
Conference/Journal Name: 
International SpaceWire Conference Dundee 2007
Date Published: 
September 2007
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A SpaceWire routing switch comprises a number of SpaceWire link interfaces and a routing matrix. The routing matrix enables packets arriving at one link interface to be sent out of another link interface on the routing switch depending on address information at the start of each packet. Thus, SpaceWire packets from one node can be routed, through the switch, to any other node connected to the routing switch.

This paper describes the SpW-10X SpaceWire Routing Switch ASIC designed by University of Dundee and Austrian Aerospace, validated by EADS Astrium GmbH and manufactured by Atmel.