SpaceWire Protocol Analyser on SpaceCube

Hiroki Hihara, Shuichi Moriyama, Toru Tamura, Takayuki Tohma, Kenji Kitade, Steve Parkes, Stuart Mills, Masaharu Nomachi, Tadayuki Takahashi, Takeshi Takashima
Conference/Journal Name: 
International SpaceWire Conference Dundee 2007
Date Published: 
September 2007
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Protocol analyser for SpaceWire with RMAP (Remote Memory Access Protocol) has been developed for heterogeneous computer platforms. SpaceWire CUBA software (Space Cube Analysis Software) is a portable protocol analyser supporting RMAP, which is developed in collaboration among University of Dundee (UoD), NEC TOSHIBA Space Systems (NTSpace), Osaka University and ISAS/JAXA (Institute of Space and Astronautical Science / Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).

SpaceWire CUBA software is now used for the development of routing devices for the integrated onboard computer of MMO (Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter) of Bepicolombo project, which is the joint collaboration mission between JAXA and ESA, and the software supports participants to establish interoperability among the SpaceWire community in Japan and Europe.