SpaceWire Device Driver for the Remote Terminal Controller

Albert Ferrer-Florit, Wahida Gasti
Conference/Journal Name: 
International SpaceWire Conference Dundee 2007
Date Published: 
September 2007
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The SpW Remote Terminal Controller (RTC) ASIC is a single chip embedded system designed to effectively perform data handling at platform level and powerful data processing at payload level. One of its key features is the implementation of two highly configurable SpaceWire interfaces.

This paper presents an implementation of a SpW software device driver for the RTC. The driver provides the necessary interrupt service routines, functions and procedures to handle the SpW interface. It includes the definition of an Application Programming Interface (API) for SpW compliant embedded systems. Reception scheme is based on early packet identification so that a decision can be made whether a packet is immediately processed, discarded or saved in the system for further processing. Transmission scheme supports multicasting, send queues, and priority schemes. The driver implementation overcomes the problematic of arbitrary packet lengths and network blocking, providing sustained high data rates transfers.