SpaceWire-cPCI vxWorks Support Software

Iain Martin, Steve Parkes, Stuart Mills
Conference/Journal Name: 
International SpaceWire Conference Dundee 2007
Date Published: 
September 2007
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STAR-Dundee provides both PCI and cPCI boards based on the SMCS-SpWFPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) device from Astrium. This FPGA is functionally representative of a radiation tolerant chip created by Astrium/Atmel. These PCI and cPCI devices are therefore ideally suited to support the development and testing of on-board SpaceWire components and systems intending to use the SMCS chip. VxWorks from WindRiver is a widely used real-time operating system (RTOS) in the embedded industry and is an important tool within the space industry. VxWorks driver and support software have therefore been developed for the SpaceWire-cPCI and PCI-2 boards. This paper presents the SpaceWire VxWorks driver architecture, discusses integration with Board Support Packages (BSPs) and describes the support software.

The driver performance is given by showing packet transfer rates with varying packet size and an example of a real-time application of jitter measurement using the SpaceWire-cPCI as a time code master is also presented.