Debugging SpaceWire Devices using the Conformance Tester

Steve Parkes, Martin Dunstan
Conference/Journal Name: 
International SpaceWire Conference Dundee 2007
Date Published: 
September 2007
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The SpaceWire Conformance Tester is a device developed by STAR-Dundee for ESA to perform black-box testing of SpaceWire devices against the SpaceWire ECSS-E- 50-12A standard. The tests performed by the Conformance Tester are those which can be performed over a single SpaceWire link to the unit under test without cooperation from that unit. Thus link initialization behaviour and the response to data and control characters can be investigated while PCB layout and connector compliance cannot. The tests to be performed are launched from easy-to-use software running on the host PC with concise test results providing important feedback on how the unit under test performed.

This paper examines two of the errors/issues that have been identified with different SpaceWire devices through the use of the SpaceWire Conformance Tester.

This paper also introduces a novel test procedure which measures the speed at which the unit under test recovers from link errors at different points of the link initialisation process. The graphical output of this test can be used to identify anomalous behaviour of a SpaceWire device which might be hard to detect in other ways and to provide measurements of the link initialisation timing parameters.