TopNet Pilot Activity

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The TopNet Pilot Activity was an ESA project which followed on from the SpaceWire Internet Tunnel project. This first project proved that virtual satellite integration was possible; the Pilot Activity aimed to evaluate the SpaceWire Internet Tunnel and Protocol Analyser in real experiments. Three different consortia were formed; each consortium made up of geographically separated partners. After familiarising themselves with the SpaceWire Internet Tunnel and Protocol Analyser, the users then performed experiments to evaluate both the Internet Tunnel and the virtual satellite integration concept.

The University of Dundee and STAR-Dundee provided supported to the pilot activity. This included supporting the users involved in the experiments, but also assisting ESA in the administration of the pilot activity. In addition to this support, the SpaceWire Internet Tunnel Improvements and SpaceWire Tunnel Server projects provided further assistance to the users.