SpaceWire Support

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SpaceWire Demonstration System

The SpaceWire Support project consisted of a number of activities including:

  • Development of the SpaceWire PETRI Application
  • Assisting in the definition of the SpaceWire RMAP protocol and development of a software implementation
  • Definition of the CCSDS SIOS TCONS protocols
  • Development of a SpaceWire Onboard Application Demonstration
  • Investigation of SpaceWire physical layer issues

Each of these activities is described below.

SpaceWire PETRI Application

The SpaceWire PETRI (Powerful, Easy-to-use, Transmit/Receive Interface) Software was developed to allow sequences of multiple SpaceWire packets to be sent/received in close succession as quickly as is possible at the software level. The PETRI software allows the user to enter a sequence of send packet and/or receive packet commands into a command list file and then provide this file to the PETRI software for batch processing of the commands. The command list is parsed, loaded and then the commands are executed in sequence, with received packets being written to a file. This tool can be useful for puposes such as device configuration.

The development of the SpaceWire PETRI Application has since led to the development of the SpaceWire CUBA Software, which provides RMAP command support and the ability to enter commands interactively as well as via a command list file.

SpaceWire RMAP Packet Library

The SpaceWire Remote Memory Access Protocol (RMAP) was developed by the SpaceWire Working Group to provide a common protocol for reading and writing to registers or memory in a remote node on a SpaceWire network. The standard was written by the University of Dundee.

The RMAP Packet Library is a software implementation of the protocol, allowing RMAP packets to be constructed, existing RMAP packets to be checked for correctness and the contents of fields to be read. The RMAP Packet Library is now provided with STAR-Dundee's SpaceWire Router-USB, SpaceWire-USB Brick, SpaceWire PCI-2 and SpaceWire cPCI devices.

SpaceWire Demonstration System

The SpaceWire Demonstration System was developed to allow networks representative of those that might be used in missions such as Bepi Colombo or GAIA to be constructed. PCs connected to SpaceWire-USB Bricks are used to represent three different instrument types, mass memory units, processors and telemetry/telecommand. SpaceWire Router-USBs are used to represent any routers onboard the spacecraft.