SpaceWire Internet Tunnel and Protocol Analyser

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SpaceWire-IP Tunnel

The main aim of the SpaceWire Internet Tunnel and Protocol Analyser project was to provide support for remote, decentralised integration of SpaceWire-based satellite onboard data-handling sub-systems using the Internet to connect the geographically separated sub-systems. This can be summarised in the term "virtual satellite integration". The SpaceWire Internet Tunnel is a hardware and software solution developed to achieve this. It replaces a SpaceWire link with two PCs connected over the Internet. All traffic crossing the link at one end is seen at the other end, while the link status (e.g. running or disconnected) is also represented.

Other aims of the project included the monitoring of traffic crossing the Tunnel and a means to analyse higher layer protocols crossing the Tunnel. The SpaceWire Protocol Analyser was developed as an addition to the SpaceWire Internet Tunnel Software to allow the traffic crossing the Tunnel to be monitored in various ways.

Since the completion of the SpaceWire Internet Tunnel, the concept has been developed further in the SpaceWire Internet Tunnel Improvements and SpaceWire Internet Tunnel Server projects. It has also been evaluated by a number of users in the TopNet Pilot Activity. The SpaceWire Internet Tunnel and Protocol Analyser has also been commercialised by STAR-Dundee.