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The Data Bus Techniques for Upgraded Services (DABUTUS) study was led by M3-Systems in Toulouse with Dundee as a sub-contractor. The DABUTUS contract was intended to provide support for the international CCSDS standardisation work on spacecraft onboard interfaces.

The main activities that Dundee were responsible for were:

  • Support to the CCSDS Panel 1K (Spacecraft Onboard InterFaces) working on a layered set of standards for spacecraft onboard communications networks and interfaces.
  • Specification of the mapping of SpaceWire to the CCSDS-SOIF protocol stack.  SpaceWire is one of the more important onboard interface standards especially for high data-rate, payload data-handling.  It was important to show that SpaceWire mapped on to the CCSDS-SOIF protocol stack as part of the validation process of the proposed SOIF protocols.
  • Specification of the requirements for the SOIF Transport and Network layers and consideration of appropriate existing transport and network protocols that could implement these requirements.
  • Development of a demonstrator with the aim of showing that the SOIF protocols could map on to an underlying SpaceWire network.
  • Extension of the demonstrator to include the implementation of candidate SOIF network and transport layer protocols – specifically TCP/IP.