SpaceFibre: A Very High Speed Network For Space Flight Applications

S. Parkes, M. Suess, C. McClements, M. Dunstan, P. Mendham
Conference/Journal Name: 
DASIA (Data Systems in Aerospace) 2007
Date Published: 
May 2007
ISSN of Journal/Conference Proceedings: 
1609 042X
ISBN of Journal Issue/Conference Proceedings: 
92 9291 202 8

SpaceFibre is a proposed very high speed serial data link intended to complement the existing SpaceWire high-speed data link standard. SpaceWire operates at speeds up to 200 Mbits/s in radiation tolerant technology. SpaceFibre will be able to operate over fibre optic and copper cable and support data rates of 2.5 Gbit/s and possibly higher.

This paper reports some of the work done by University of Dundee in developing SpaceFibre. It summarises the requirements for SpaceFibre, describes the results of a survey of existing commercial high-speed networks and provides an overview of the proposed SpaceFibre interface.