SpaceFibre is a proposed high-speed serial data-link standard intended for use in data-handling networks for high data-rate payloads and in high-reliability avionics systems. SpaceFibre is able to operate over fibre optic and copper cable and support data rates of 2.5 Gbit/s and higher. It aims to complement the capabilities of the widely used SpaceWire onboard networking standard: improving the data rate by a factor of 10, reducing the cable mass by a factor of four and providing galvanic isolation. Key features of SpaceWire will be retained: simplicity, low implementation cost (gate count), time-code distribution, and redundancy support.

SpaceFibre will support high data-rate payloads, for example synthetic aperture radar and hyper-spectral optical instruments. It will provide robust, long distance communications for launcher applications and will support avionics applications with deterministic delivery constraints through its inbuilt quality of service mechanisms. SpaceFibre will enable a common onboard infrastructure to be used across many different mission applications resulting in cost reduction and design reusability.