Satellite Receiving Station

Satellite Receiving Station

The Satellite Receiving Station collects data from several Earth observation satellites and distributes it to UK environmental scientists. The Satellite Receiving Station at Dundee operates the NERC Earth Observation Data Acquisition and Analysis Service (NEODAAS) in partnership with the Remote Sensing Group at Plymouth Marine Laboratory. NEODAAS is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), primarily to support the UK research community including marine, atmospheric and terrestrial scientists. NEODAAS has supported users for many years with a comprehensive service from raw satellite data reception to scientific product delivery. The Satellite Station (NEODAAS-Dundee) provides direct satellite data acquisition, archiving and distribution services and the Remote Sensing Group (NEODAAS-Plymouth) provides advanced data processing and analysis services.

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The Satellite Station has been operational since 1976. It has a data archive extending back to 1978 with over 100,000 recordings collected from a range of polar orbiting satellites providing coverage of Europe and the North Atlantic areas. Data from geostationary satellites are also received on a daily basis for full global coverage. The Station’s services are freely available to users eligible for NERC support, but are also open to anyone including overseas users on a commercial basis. Supported activities include individual “blue skies” research projects and major, directed NERC programmes as well as projects funded by the EU and organisations such as ESA and NASA. User requirements vary from near-real time where rapid access to current data is vital, to access to long time-series of archive data for climate change studies. Data are mainly distributed to users via the internet, but also on computer media and in photographic form.

The Station operates a number of tracking and fixed antenna reception chains, a network of computer systems for antenna control, data ingest, processing, archiving, and distribution and for online storage. Various tape and disc based storage systems are used for secure data archiving and retrieval. Many of the systems and software are designed, developed and maintained in-house.

An image gallery containing stunning and topical Earth observation images is available at: Image Gallery on Satellite Receiving Station Website - note that you will need to register to view the images in the gallery, but registration is free.