Proof of Concept for "Software Developer's Right Hand"

The Software Developer's Right Hand is an innovative software development support environment which aims to improve software development productivity, software quality and software maintainability, and with automated documentation support. The project is funded by Scottish Enterprise through their Proof of Concept Programme.

Computer-based devices are becoming ubiquitous and the reliance of products on the quality of software is becoming more pronounced. Tools and methodologies to enhance software quality are increasingly sought after. The competitive advantage that this can give a company is considerable.

The "Software Developer's Right Hand" is an ambitious project to provide a valuable tool for software developers worldwide. It aims to improve software productivity, software reliability and software maintainability, through a novel, multi-cognitive, collaborative, software-development support environment, which fills a crucial gap in the existing range of commercial tools. One of the key features of this tool is the automatic production of detailed design documentation, which is useful to many stakeholders in a software development project.

During the two year proof of concept project, the concept will be validated, a technical demonstration system produced, and the business case developed ready to secure further investment. Project end date: January 2009