Paul Crawford

Electronic Engineer

Dr. Paul Crawford is currently a research assistant working in the Satellite Receiving Station on various areas, such as tracking and orbit determination software and the design of telemetry receivers.

  • BSc 1st Honours “Electronic and Electrical Engineering”, 1988 Dundee
  • PhD “Meteorological Satellite Ground Station Technology”, 1995 Dundee

2006-Present: University of Dundee, School of Computing

Research assistant.

1999-2005: Crawford Space Communications Ltd

Consultancy work for various in the UK, Germany and USA. Covered tracking antenna control, image navigation and telemetry receiver design in hardware, DSP and general software defined systems.

1992-1998: University of Dundee, APEME, Lecturer

Lecturer and project supervision in electronics, communications and electromagnetic compatibility.

1988-1991: University of Dundee, APEME, Industrial Fellow

Position funded by Ferranti Ltd covering work in radar receiver protectors (with Ferranti) and satellite telemetry receiver design (at the University of Dundee).