Iain Martin

Research Lecturer

Iain Martin

Dr. Iain Martin is a research lecturer working on planet surface simulations to develop and test planetary lander systems. Research projects which Dr. Martin is involved in include the ESA Lidar GNC study, the generation of simulated Martian surfaces (PANGU) and the ESA NPAL contract. He is also responsible for generating artificial surface images of Mercury within a vision-based planetary lander study, and for software driver development for SpaceWire devices in standard and real time operating systems; Windows XP, Linux, VxWorks and Analog Devices VDK.

  • BSc “Electronic Systems & Microcomputer Engineering”, 1994 Glasgow
  • MSc “Applied Computing”, 1996 Dundee
  • PhD “Virtual Planetary Surfaces for Testing Vision Based Planetary Landers”, 2001 Dundee

2002-Present: University of Dundee, School of Computing

Research Lecturer in the Space Systems Research group.

1998-2001: Research Assistant / PhD Student – University of Dundee

Researcher on ESA’s PANGU contract. Responsible for modelling and visualising artificial planetary surfaces. Researcher on ESA LUNARSIM contract. Responsible for modelling artificial lunar surfaces. Researcher on ESA DICE contract. Responsible for writing SpaceWire-PCI device driver.

1996-1998: Programmer Analyst – Insights Training & Development, Dundee

Designed and wrote a commercially successful Windows application for managing data and producing reports for a psychometric test system.