Craig Ramsay

Teaching Fellow / PhD

Craig Ramsay

Craig Ramsay is a software engineer within the Software Engineering Tools team and is currently working on the "Software Developer's Right Hand" project, developing a tool to support detailed design documentation activities. Mr Ramsay is also a Teaching Fellow within the School of Computing where he leads delivery of Software Engineering taught modules and he is currently undertaking a part-time PhD, also in the area of software engineering.

  • BSc First Class Honours “Accountancy and Computer Science”, 1993, University of Dundee
  • MSc “Applied Computing”, 1998, University of Dundee

1993-Present: University of Dundee, Department of Applied Computing

Teaching Fellow (2001-Present)
Leading and delivering Software Engineering modules as part of the core degree programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These include coverage of the following topics: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, requirements specification, design quality, the Unified Modelling Language. Additional academic responsibilities include: 3rd Year Tutor, Careers Liaison.

Research Assistant (1993-Present)
Working on a variety of research projects as lead software engineer, covering areas as diverse as: predictive interfaces for automated teller machines (ATMs); a printing system for sign languages; decision support for the removal of wisdom teeth; software for the collection and analysis of dental epidemiological data; patient information systems. Implementation languages include C++, C#. The results of one project (Dental SurveyPlus) have been successfully commercialised.