Chris McClements

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Digital Electronics Engineer

Chris McClements

Dr. Chris McClements is a post doctoral research assistant working on digital electronics systems for data processing systems and spacecraft on-board networks for SpaceWire. Chris is experienced in FPGA and ASIC designs and has worked on SpaceWire interfaces and routers for many mission payloads using SpaceWire. Dr. McClements other roles include development of test and development boards for prototyping and development of SpaceWire systems.

  • PhD "A SpaceWire Routing Switch For On-Board Spacecraft Communications", 2006 University of DundeeNational Diploma
  • Bsc 2:1 Honours "Applied Computing", 2000 University of Dundee
  • "Electronics and Electrical Engineering with Computing", 1995 Causway institute of further and higher Education

2000 - present: University of Dundee, Department of Applied Computing

PhD/Research Assistant at the Space Technology Centre, University of Dundee. Responsible for the design and development of the radiation tolerant SpaceWire router ASIC chip in conjunction with EADS Astrium and Austrian Aerospace. Responsible for the design and development of the SpaceWire Interface CODEC IP (Spacewire-b) in conjunction with the micro-electronics section of ESA for use on ESA missions.