Use of Kalman Filtering to Assist Vision Based Planetary Lander Navigation

Thesis Author: 
Victor Silva

Victor Silva’s PhD researched the fusion of data from guidance and navigation control sensors to support vision-based navigation for planetary landers. He focused on the use of Kalman filters for this purpose. Victor was funded for his PhD by the Portuguese Government which he was awarded in 2004. Victor is currently working at NASA JPL having won a Marie Curie Outgoing Fellowship to continue his research. Victor will work for two years at NASA JPL followed by a year back at University of Dundee. He is currently researching the use of various types of Kalman filter for use with vision guided planetary landers in the team that developed vision systems for Spirit and Opportunity.

Victor is now a Marie Curie Research Fellow and has recently returned to the University of Dundee after two years working at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.