Research Facilities

SpaceWire Router-USB Under Test

The School of Computing of the University of Dundee resides in two buildings on the University campus. The department has extensive computing resources contained within three computing laboratories. There is a total of over 100 PCs that run under both Windows and Linux, and the Computing laboratories also contain a range of other equipment including scanners, cameras and printers. The computing facilities are linked by a departmental network that is connected via a bridge to the high-reliability, high-speed University network and to the Internet. In addition to these computing resources the University has several other computing laboratories for general use and a centralised Unix system available within the University’s IT Services.

The Space Technology Centre resides in purpose designed laboratory and office accommodation which includes an electronic workshop. It has appropriate resources for the development of hardware and software for space applications as well as dedicated PC and Unix workstations and Unix-based servers.

Development tools, both PC- and Unix-based, include:

  • UML-Based CASE tools
  • C, C++ and Java development environments
  • Mentor Graphics schematic capture and PCB layout
  • Synopsis and Mentor Graphics VHDL-based logic design and synthesis
  • ModelSim HDL simulation
  • Design flow tools targeting Xilinx and Actel FPGAs

Development equipment includes:

  • Agilent 20G samples/s 2.5 GHz bandwidth digital oscilloscope with 3.5 GHz differential probes
  • Agilent 16903 mainframe logic-analyser
  • Agilent 1661 logic-analyser/pattern generator
  • LeCroy 1G sample/s digital oscilloscope
  • EMC test chamber and spectrum analyser
  • Evalutation and development boards including devices from Xilinx, Actel, Cypress, and Analog Devices.
  • The usual range of laboratory tools and equipment including Fluke multimeters and Weller soldering and re-work equipment.

In addition to these third party tools the Space Technology Centre has developed the PANGU planet surface simulation toolset and an extensive range of SpaceWire development support equipment.

The University of Dundee has a well-stocked library with an extensive selection of computing and electronics books. The journal selection is also extensive with over 90 journals and newsletters held in the computing field alone.