PhD by Research

Research by PhD is a challenging research programme aimed at developing leading researchers in the space technology field who are able to make a significant impact on space technology or other related fields after they have completed their studies. Studying for a PhD involves a significant amount of individual study and hard work and requires a high level of personal commitment by the student. PhD studies typically last three to four years.

The research is closely integrated within the overall research programme of the Space Technology Centre and you will be part of the research team with support from other PhD students, post-doctoral researchers as well as the academic supervisor. During the first year the emphasis is on surveying existing research related to your research area and on getting up to speed with the various technologies that you will be working with. During this period you will also become integrated in the research team. At the end of the first year you will have formulated the research questions that you will spend the next two years addressing. Work in the second and third years time will have a significant theoretical aspect but will also include practical work on software or hardware. This practical element is an essential part of the work in the Space Technology Centre. We aim to teach our students to analyse, design, build, integrate, test and evaluate complex systems, taking on individual commitments and research responsibilities while working in a close knit team.